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My dear friends, welcome to my “Bears & Flowers” website! My name is Elena, and, for as long as I can remember myself, I've loved making things. I found out about the unique Teddy world when I decided to make my first Teddy as a complement to a cold porcelain bouquet. But once I made my first Teddy, I soon realized how interesting and amazing it is to observe a birth of each new Teddy creation. Since then, making fluffy collectible toys is my main activity. The majority of my Teddy bears and elephants have already found their homes all over the world. I’ve been sewing Teddy toys since 2013, and all of my works are original and unique. Since 2015 I’ve added the flowers embroidery to my teddies and their clothes, and that makes them even sweeter and more exclusive. That’s why I called my collection “Bears and Flowers”.

My bears are all one-of-a-kind and always different, as I change images while creating a pattern. I like changes and I just can’t use the same pattern again and again. Each bear is one of a kind, and has its own personality. Each bear comes with its own name and a certificate of authenticity, or a passport. Each detail is individually created and accompanied by a special accessory that tells a whole story. I contribute a great deal of time and I give all my love creating the bears, so the prices, sizes, details and designs vary significantly. I work with different materials such as Dutch, German and Italian viscose, vintage plush, velvet and German mohair. Every other new creation is a result of search of bright and memorable images and inspiration. I love my job and I hope my bears or elephants will bring you and your loved ones joy and pure happiness.



All bears are vaccinated, no rabies

Only natural sawdust, without chemicals and GMOs

Created with love

Fully handmade



If you want to see my current range - you can do it on the Shop page. There you can buy your favorite toy.
Also, I have a page on the Etsy website. There you can also buy a toy, or see the reviews of my previous customers.


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